Erotic massages and sensual massages now enjoy a respected position in the wellness market. Appreciated for their many benefits, they also provide intriguing sensations. To know which one to turn to, it is interesting to know the characteristics and advantages that distinguish them. All types of massages are praised for their anti-stress effects and the feeling of relaxation they create. However, some categories provide additional benefits that should be understood before starting. Let’s explore the different qualities of these two types of massage to better decide which one to try.

Sensual Massage, Psychological Benefits

This massage, known to provide new sensations, is generally practiced as a naturist, as offered by the Luxeva Institute . The client and the masseuse are therefore both naked for the session. The sense of touch and sight are then used to the maximum and help to convey a feeling of liberation. He breaks down cultural barriers and taboos and learns to accept his body. A psychological work can thus be carried out, in order to help to unload all preconceived complexes. The awakening of the senses gives free rein to the vagrancy of the imagination, to abandonment, and creates a new connection between soul and body.

Practiced as a couple, sensual massage is an innovative way to reduce tension and get to know your partner better, not only organically, but also mentally and emotionally. If, alone, this option helps the mind to flourish, in pairs, it allows you to rediscover yourself and offers couples a new basis for communication.

Erotic Massage, Effects On The Whole Body

Also practiced naked, erotic massage promises a much more carnal experience. During this, the bodies are in harmony which allows to feel a powerful and relaxing feeling of well-being . Renowned for loosening tension and promoting intense relaxation, erotic massage releases endorphins and creates a feeling of fullness. He invites you to explore his body and get to know it better.

Practiced as a couple, this massage brings partners a deep moment of sensuality. It acts on the routine that sometimes sets in within a couple and encourages participants to meet again. Also ideal for rediscovering your sensuality for two and seeing a new facet of the other, this activity allows partners to provide and receive pleasure together. The erotic massage for two dares to go after dreams and fantasies, and transports us to magical territories where the delight is shared.

Sensual Or Erotic Massage, Different But Similar

Almost any massage technique can be used for naturist practice. When it is sensual, the body and the spirit find themselves between softness and pleasure. Calm and relaxation are the accomplices of an experience centered on well-being.

Erotic massage, on the other hand, invites deeper explorations of the body and guides it towards more daring and tender sensations at the same time. Between delight and temptation, it does not leave you indifferent.

The two options therefore offer different pleasures and, while some prefer one or the other, others do not hesitate to appreciate each at its true value.

Practiced alone as a couple, these innovative and empirical techniques have many positive effects on the mind and on the fleshly envelope. If sensual massage is effective in re-learning to accept yourself and to free your mind, erotic massage is stimulating and helps to break taboos Advantageous and informative, they both promise an original experience that you will not forget.

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